Productive results guarantee the task of Camagüey’s Agricultural Cooperative

Camagüey, Cuba, Jan 19.- For its integral results the Credit and Services Cooperative CCS Manuel Ascunse Domenech ranks as one of the best of its kind in this municipality of Camagüey in 2018.

The foregoing is backed by the performance of all the entity’s productive plans, both in the collection of milk, its fundamental line, as well as food, vegetables, grains, meat and fruits.

At the end of December the collective headed by Ricardo Méndez Conde gave the industry more than 630,000 liters of cow’s and goat’s milk, a figure that represents a notable growth in relation to the previous year.

In the same way, its associates sold to the state more than 400 heads of goats and sheep, while they achieved a birth rate close to 52 percent and better attention to the herd.

CCS Manuel Ascunse Domenech, from the provincial capital, also harvested more than 30 tons of beans and maize, products that substitute imports; and 64 of meat, vegetables and fruit trees. (by Rodolfo Medina Hechavarría/Radio Camagüey)(Translated by Linet Acuña Quilez)