En el cumpleaños de Henry Ford

Hoy, que hace 151 años del nacimiento de Henry Ford, me apetece colgar un fragmento de su autobiografía. Que podrían ser muchos otros, pero va a ser éste.

Therefore in our buying we simply get the best price we can for the quantity that we require. We do not buy less if the price be high and we do not buy more if the price be low. We carefully avoid bargain lots in excess of requirements. It was not easy to reach that decision. But in the end speculation will kill any manufacturer. Give him a couple of good purchases on which he makes money and before long he will be thinking more about making money out of buying and selling than out of his legitimate business, and he will smash. The only way to keep out of trouble is to buy what one needs–no more and no less. That course removes one hazard from business.

This buying experience is given at length because it explains our selling policy. Instead of giving attention to competitors or to demand, our prices are based on an estimate of what the largest possible number of people will want to pay, or can pay, for what we have to sell. And what has resulted from that policy is best evidenced by comparing the price of the touring car and the production.


1909-10 $950 18,664 cars

1910-11 $780 34,528 “

1911-12 $690 78,440 “

1912-13 $600 168,220 “

1913-14 $550 248,307 “

1914-15 $490 308,213 “

1915-16 $440 533,921 “

1916-17 $360 785,432 “

1917-18 $450 706,584 “

1918-19 $525 533,706 “

(The above two years were war years and the factory was in war work).

1919-20 $575 to $440 996,660 “

1920-21 $440 to $355 1,250,000 “

The high prices of 1921 were, considering the financial inflation, not really high. At the time of writing the price is $497. These prices are actually lower than they appear to be, because improvements in quality are being steadily made. We study every car in order to discover if it has features that might be developed and adapted. If any one has anything better than we have we want to know it, and for that reason we buy one of every new car that comes out.

(Henry Ford: My Life and Work. Nueva Delhi, Maanu Graphics, 2012, 118-119).