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The Cuban Five – 2014 People’s Choice Award
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In May 2014, international human rights organization, Global Exchange presented the Cuban Five with the People’s Choice Award at the 12th Annual Human Rights Awards. The Award was presented by Ted Lewis, of Global Exchange and accepted on behalf of the Cuban Five by Maria Eugenia Guerrero, sister of Antonio Guerrero, one of the Cuban Five.

The Cuban Five, Cuban intelligence agents arrested in the United States while infiltrating anti-Castro organizations openly plotting attacks against the Cuban people. Their trial, conviction, and subsequent treatment is best understood as a microcosm of U.S.-Cuba relations – and has been widely criticized. They were selected to receive the People’s Choice Award through the annual online competition. This Award is the first they have received in the United States.

Also honored that evening were María Estela Barco Huerta, from Chiapas, Mexico with the International Human Rights Award for her work to protect food sovereignty. Charlie Cobb and Phillip Agnew accepted the Domestic Human Rights Award for the Freedom Schools.

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